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Located in Torrance, California, iCRco, Inc. a privately held company manufactures iCR digital imaging equipment. iCR technology is the result of precision engineering which integrates electronic, optical and mechanical design to produce high quality digital imaging tools for the medical profession.

Founded in 1990 by Stephen Neushul (an ex-NASA engineer) , iCRco continues to stay at the forefront of medical imaging technology. An amalgam of experience, continuing research, and input from our users all over the world result in constant technological advances, which makes iCRco products an exceptional investment for medical professionals. In an industry that has witnessed considerable outside investment, iCRco (formerly RDI) has grown significantly over the last 14 years without external funding.

The company’s founder, Stephen Neushul, avoided institutional funding to concentrate on long-term customer satisfaction rather than immediate return on investment. iCRco has chosen a combination of channel partnerships and direct sales to distribute its products and fuel growth. This strategy is working: The company continues to expand operations and increase its annual revenue, while maintaining their commitment to customer satisfaction.

iCRco is committed to providing the best products backed up by the best service we can provide.