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Welcome to the iCRco Support Pages.

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 •   For access 24 hours a day to installation tips, and technical support issues etc., click on the FAQ link for more information.   

 •   For access to live support and other customer service options: Please call: 310.921.9559 Mon - Fri. 8:00a.m. - 6:00p.m. PST

Please make sure to have your Extended Hardware or Software Warranty number ready for our technicians.

• QuickHelp section:

Familiar Scanner Issues:

Learn more:

  • Scanner Won’t Come Ready
  • Scanner Not Found
  • Scanner Moves by Itself
  • Scanner Slow or Won’t Start
  • Stop/Start Scanning
  • Noisy Scanning
  • Scan Bar Won’t Return
  • Scan Light Flashes On/Off
  • Computer Freezes or Crashes
  • Scanning too Far
  • Win 2k Scanner Not Found
  • Error Code 1
  • Error Code -2
  • Error Code 204
  • 30 Day Trial Message
  • Images Lack Grayscale
  • 12->8-Bit Grayed out
  • Can’t Read Images
  • Line on Images
  • Speckling
  • Incorrect Scanner Length
  • Bad Image Quality
  • DICOM Busy Sending Images
  • SCSI Troubleshooting
  • Start Up Sequence
  • Image Targets Issues
  • Scanner Self Test
  • Cleaning Scanner
  • Replacing the Scan Bulb
  • Windows NT/2000 Key Fix